THz Detection-

Analysis of the potential of sub-K detectors, demonstrators are under design.

µSPOC + integrated spectrographs

 Prototype to prepare an industrialization with RSS (spinoff from IPAG and IMEP).
 Promising results presented at ICSO 2014 (Space instrumentation conference).-
 An Infrared version is under investigation with SOFRADIR and RSS,
=> An FUI programme is under consideration.

Deformable curved Detectors

 Prototype design for mass production cameras under patenting
 Valorization procedure are in progress with CNRS and LETI.
=> The activity is now supported by the European Research Council through the program ERC-STG-2015-678777-ICARUS. Plus d’infos sur le programme ICARUS.

Mis à jour le 2 août 2021