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Characterization of Doped Silicon Thermometers for Very High Sensitivity Cryogenic Bolometers

by Adami, O.-A., Rodriguez, L., Reveret, V., Aliane, A., Poglitsch, A., Sauvageot, J.-L., Bounissou, S., Goudon, V. and Dussopt, L.

Electromagnetic Simulations of Newly Designed Semiconductor Bolometers for Submillimeter Observations

by Bounissou, S., Revéret, V., Rodriguez, L., Poglitsch, A., Aliane, A., Adami, O.-A., Goudon, V., Dussopt, L. and Rabaud, W.

The NIKA2 Instrument at 30-m IRAM Telescope : Performance and Results

by Catalano, A., Adam, R., Ade, P. A. R., et al.

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