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Innovative Detection

Context evolution

  • Need for small payloads for scientific missions (planetary observation)
  • Huge technological advances in detection for industrial applications leading to detectors with increasing performances, in terms of spatial, radiometric and spectral resolution
    and SWAP-C products (low cost, low power, low weight, low space encumbering)
  • Need to be able to answer ESA call with detector characterisation more and more stringent

FOCUS progresses

On line with the FOCUS proposal : development of innovative focal plane arrays to meet the need of future scientific missions :

  • Deformable (curved) infrared focal plane arrays
  • “Spectro on chip” Focal plane arrays

New : development of novel test/calibration benches 
of pixel response :
 INTRAPIX, unique in Europe

Deformable focal plane arrays


  • Develop an experimental prototype of deformable infrared Focal Plane Array
  • Analysis of curved FPAs application for future ELT instruments (HIRES, MOSAIC…)
  • Successful partnership between two FOCUS labs bringing their own skills LAM : deformable mirror, CEA LETI : curved infrared FPA of micro-bolometers

FOCUS results

High curved IR FPA of quantum technology (HgCdTe) obtained in Apr. 2014

Spectro-on-chip focal plane arrays


  • Propose a new generation of µ-spectro Focal Plan Arrays dedicated to applications requiring small payloads (space planetary science)
  • Development of VIS and IR prototypes
  • Successful partnership between two FOCUS labs bringing their own skills 
(IPAG : SWIFTS VIS concept, ONERA : Microspoc IR concept).

FOCUS results

Wedge design with multiple steps
Interferogram produced on the detector
High-throughput, High spectral resolution at wafer-level packaging.
First prototype of VIS µspectro, July 2014
Industrial transfer to Resolution Spectra Systems