Systèmes de détection innovants

Context evolution

 Need for small payloads for scientific missions (planetary observation)
 Huge technological advances in detection for industrial applications leading to detectors with increasing performances, in terms of spatial, radiometric and spectral resolution
and SWAP-C products (low cost, low power, low weight, low space encumbering)
 Need to be able to answer ESA call with detector characterisation more and more stringent

FOCUS progresses

On line with the FOCUS proposal : development of innovative focal plane arrays to meet the need of future scientific missions :
 Deformable (curved) infrared focal plane arrays
 “Spectro on chip” Focal plane arrays

New : development of novel test/calibration benches 
of pixel response :
 INTRAPIX, unique in Europe

Deformable focal plane arrays

 Develop an experimental prototype of deformable infrared Focal Plane Array
 Analysis of curved FPAs application for future ELT instruments (HIRES, MOSAIC…)
 Successful partnership between two FOCUS labs bringing their own skills LAM : deformable mirror, CEA LETI : curved infrared FPA of micro-bolometers

FOCUS results

High curved IR FPA of quantum technology (HgCdTe) obtained in Apr. 2014

Spectro-on-chip focal plane arrays

 Propose a new generation of µ-spectro Focal Plan Arrays dedicated to applications requiring small payloads (space planetary science)
 Development of VIS and IR prototypes
 Successful partnership between two FOCUS labs bringing their own skills 
(IPAG : SWIFTS VIS concept, ONERA : Microspoc IR concept).

FOCUS results

Wedge design with multiple steps
Interferogram produced on the detector
High-throughput, High spectral resolution at wafer-level packaging.

First prototype of VIS µspectro, July 2014
Industrial transfer to Resolution Spectra Systems

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