Détecteurs pour le domaine millimétrique et sub-millimétrique

Context evolution

 CNES prospective 2014 : first priority :
Detection of B-modes of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) polarization
(to constrain inflation models of the early Universe evolution, prior to recombination)

 ESA cosmic vision 2015-2025 program
M5 call end 2015 : SPICA (sub mm) retenu en phase A. En savoir plus

FOCUS progresses

Detector development along two axes :
 High impedance bolometers
 Kinetic Inductance Detector (KIDs)*
(Choice was made not to develop Transistor Edge Sensors, well developed in US)

*superconducting devices using photon-assisted pair breaking to detect radiation

SI-Grid bolometers : a new start thanks to FOCUS

Assets : all silicon technology,
benefits from LETI silicon platform (semi-industrial),
HERSCHEL-PACS heritage, www.herschel.fr

A novel conception

Silicium report
SI-Grid bolometers
Type Bipol

Derived on bolometers developed for commercial use
> cost effective

Enhanced capability on the pixel two polarisations simultaneously measured, 
 multi colors (Patented)

 New key technological processes successfully tested on test vehicles produced at Leti
 New technological processes in synergies with R&D for large production industrial projects at CEA-Leti

> guarantee the continuity of the technology

KIDS : fast reacting developments thanks to FOCUS

• very few technological steps to make them.

• Improvement of detector arrays for the NIKA2 camera

Increase in complexity

Matrice 2000-pixels array
30 pixels (2009)

installed in 2015 at the 30 m IRAM telescope

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